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Modern medicine is one of the most trusted facets of our society. When we are sick, we trust the medical establishment—our doctors, pharmacists, and the manufacturers who make drugs—to help alleviate our suffering.

However, prescription or over-the-counter drugs can have serious, debilitating side effects that cause permanent harm. If a prescribed medication or other type of drug has caused you or a loved one harm, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you pursue compensation for damages. A Bridgeport dangerous drugs attorney could investigate the cause of your injuries and help you hold negligent drug manufacturers accountable.

Approved Drugs are Not Necessarily Safe

Many people assume that when the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a drug for sale, it is completely safe. That is not necessarily true. The FDA weighs the effectiveness of a drug against its common side effects and decides whether the need outweighs the risk.  If a drug is effective in treating a particular condition, the manufacturer may receive permission to sell it despite side effects, as long as the label contains an adequate warning.

Unfortunately, patients may experience more severe side effects than the label indicates. Sometimes the label has no warning about the side effect the particular patient experiences. It could take a long time before a side effect is apparent to the consumer, and the manufacturer may not have warned users about the potential long-term hazards of using the medication.

A lawyer who routinely handles cases involving drugs with dangerous side effects could investigate the record of the drug’s journey to the marketplace.  An attorney could also hire experts to look at the data the manufacturer provided and examine any other research that might explain the drug’s effectiveness and side effects.

Filing A Claim Within the Statute of Limitations

There are laws called statutes of limitations that determine how much time a person has to bring a lawsuit. In Bridgeport, the law determining product liability lawsuits sets the timeframe for bringing an action regarding the effects of dangerous drugs.

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 52-577a states that those who suffered harm from products such as dangerous drugs have three years to file a lawsuit. If the effects of taking a dangerous drug are not apparent right away, the consumer has three years from the time they discovered, or should reasonably have discovered, the harm. However, if the patient does not detect the harmful impact of the drug within ten years, they lose the right to sue. A knowledgeable Bridgeport dangerous drugs attorney could help someone ensure a suit is filed within the applicable statute of limitations.

A Bridgeport Dangerous Drugs Lawyer is on Your Side

Bringing successful lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies requires specific knowledge and skills. When putting together a case, the attorney may seek help from doctors, pharmacists, and other experts. The medical professionals could help prove the manufacturer negligently sold a dangerous drug or failed to warn the consumers about side effects.

If you believe that a drug you took has caused you harm, you should consult a lawyer who knows how to investigate and argue these cases. Call today to discuss your situation with a Bridgeport dangerous drugs lawyer.