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When a dog bites an unsuspecting person, the injuries could be substantial. This is true for both large and small dogs. Deep lacerations, nerve damage, and severe scarring are only some of the consequences that could come following a dog attack.

The cost of treating these injuries could be steep. These expenses only increase over time in cases where infections are present or skin grafts are needed. Thankfully, state law sometimes provides an outlet for pursuing compensation from the owner of the animal. A thoughtful personal injury attorney could help determine if you might be entitled to compensation.

Following an animal attack, you have the right to pursue a lawsuit against the dog owner. A Bridgeport dog bite lawyer could assist you with investigating, preparing, and filing your suit.

Dog Bite Laws in Bridgeport

In Bridgeport, the “strict liability” approach determines civil liability following a dog bite injury. This is different from the negligence theory that most other personal injuries are based on.

A strict liability claim differs from a negligence case in that the plaintiff does not have to establish the dog owner did anything wrong. There is no requirement to show the defendant was aware of the dog’s dangerous nature, or that they acted unreasonably in failing to prevent the dog from biting another person. Due to this, the bar for proving a strict liability case is lower.

In these cases, Connecticut General Statutes §22-357 determines when a dog owner is liable for a bite. This statute applies to all attacks by a dog, not just bite injuries. Other injuries could include scratches from a dog’s claws or injuries sustained when being knocked over by an animal.

Because these claims are under a strict liability standard, a person bitten by a dog needs only to establish that they suffered injuries from the bite. The dog owner could face liability for any injuries resulting from the attack.

From identifying the owner of a dog to establishing the extent of the victim’s injuries, a Bridgeport attorney in a dog bite lawsuit would be a vital part of recovering compensation.

The Effects of Provocation or Trespassing

While the standard of strict liability might be lower than negligence, this does not mean success in these cases is guaranteed. There are circumstances where a dog owner might not be at fault for an injury.

One of these factors is whether or not the injured person was trespassing at the time of the bite. Under Connecticut law, a trespasser is not entitled to compensation if the property owner’s dog injures them. It is also important to know if there was any provocation. A person is not entitled to damages if they teased, tormented, or abused the dog prior to the attack.

A Bridgeport dog bite attorney can advise a person who has suffered injury if these defenses apply in their case.

Talk to a Bridgeport Dog Bite Attorney As Soon As Possible

It is not always immediately clear if a dog owner is liable when their animal injures someone. The circumstances that surround these bites are important for determining liability.

A Bridgeport dog bite lawyer can assist in identifying the dog owner and holding them accountable for the injuries their pets cause. To discuss your case, call right away to schedule an initial evaluation.