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Taxis have long been the choice of people who do not have their own vehicles or who do not wish to drive to a destination. Over the past ten years, ridesharing companies, such as Uber, have delved into this marketplace by allowing private citizens to offer their vehicles to travelers in need.

Unfortunately, riding in another party’s vehicle does nothing to limit the possibility of an accident. While taxi drivers are trained professionals, they are still vulnerable to the poor driving choices that affect all motorists. Similarly, Uber drivers must also take appropriate care to avoid accidents that could result in personal injury.

Since all drivers must take care to prevent harm, they may be liable for an accident that results in a personal injury. However, laws that designate these drivers as employees or independent contractors could complicate a plaintiff’s claim for damages. A Bridgeport Uber/taxi accident lawyer could help people to navigate the complex legal landscape to pursue compensation for their losses. Reach out to a tough, legitimate, and credible attorney today.

Claiming Damages from a Taxi Driver

Every taxi driver is an employee of a taxi company. As a result, these taxi companies must obtain insurance that covers the actions of their drivers, even if those drivers are at-fault for an accident. As long as a taxi driver is on the clock at the time of the collision, that taxi company shares liability for all resulting damages.

In this way, most taxi accident cases are similar to any other car crash case. Riders in taxis must demonstrate that the taxi driver’s negligence resulted in an accident that caused their injuries. Other claims that involve drivers of cars that get into collisions with taxis must still prove that the taxi driver was responsible for the crash. This may include justifying their own driving according to the concept of modified comparative negligence that controls all car accident cases in Bridgeport. Under Connecticut Statutes §52-572h, courts are able to limit a plaintiff’s award after trial if that court believes a plaintiff to share liability for the collision. This applies to accidents that involve taxis, Ubers, or any type of vehicle. A Bridgeport taxi accident lawyer could help to demonstrate that a taxi driver’s negligence led to injuries and that the driver and their employer are liable to provide compensation.

Working to Collect Compensation Following Uber Driver Negligence

The debate over the legal status of Uber drivers has been ongoing. These drivers claim that they are employees who are due protection under employment law. Uber has countered that these drivers are independent contractors who are not eligible for work benefits.

Where this debate comes into stark relief is when a passenger attempts to collect compensation following a crash. If Uber drivers were employees, Uber would be jointly responsible for all damages that result from a crash. Sadly, courts have consistently ruled that Uber drivers are independent contractors and responsible for their own legal trouble.

Making matters worse, many insurance companies do not cover their insureds if they are using a car for a commercial purpose. As a result, many Uber drivers are unknowingly operating their vehicles without insurance protection. This could leave an injured driver with limited options for pursuing compensation.

A Bridgeport Uber accident lawyer could help to discover every possible avenue for collecting compensation following an Uber accident. Lawyers that use aggressive tactics to resolve cases could work to evaluate the driver’s insurance policy and even explore a victim’s coverage that may include uninsured driver protection.

Let a Bridgeport Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney Lead the Way

Every driver must take appropriate steps to provide protection against unnecessary harm on Bridgeport roads. This includes taxi drivers, as well as drivers of ridesharing apps such as Uber. However, the status of a driver as an employee or independent contractor of these companies plays a major role in how a plaintiff must demand compensation.

A Bridgeport taxi accident attorney could work to hold both taxi drivers and their employers liable for all resulting losses. As employees, taxi drivers enjoy protection from their parent companies and insurance companies. Claims that result from taxi accidents demand payments from both these entities.

By contrast, accidents that are the fault of Uber drivers are more complex. Uber has long fought to keep its drivers classified as independent contractors. This shields Uber from any liability that results from accidents. While these drivers likely have their own insurance, this insurance may not cover driving done for a commercial purpose. A Bridgeport Uber accident attorney could help to evaluate a plaintiff’s legal options following an accident involving an Uber driver. Contact a Bridgeport Uber/Taxi accident lawyer today to schedule a consultation.