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Though ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber, and to some extent taxis and limousines, make travel quick and convenient, riding in a vehicle comes at an unfortunate risk. Though uncommon, accidents involving rideshare vehicles or taxicabs do happen.

If this has happened to you or someone close to you, speak with a Darien Uber/taxi accident lawyer. An experienced taxi accident attorney could help you make sense of not only what happened, but the legal implications of the accident and whether you may be able to make a successful insurance claim or bring a personal injury lawsuit. In the challenging aftermath of an accident, an Uber accident lawyer could help guide you through the process efficiently and attentively.

Laws Governing Ride Shares and Taxis in Connecticut

Like other vehicles on the road, Uber vehicles and taxis must adhere to not only traffic laws, but laws about where they are allowed to pick passengers up and drop them off. Additionally, regulations require them to register with the state’s transportation department and meet various requirements. These provisions set forth many requirements, such as:

  • Vehicle registration in the driver’s name
  • Carry proof of insurance at all times
  • Rideshare or taxi company decal displayed
  • Vehicle must be less than twelve years old, have four doors, and without exterior damage
  • Vehicle adequately maintained in working condition

The rules state that drivers may not drive for more than 14 consecutive hours and no more than 16 hours in a 24-hour period. Importantly, the state also mandates driver insurance minimums.

There is both personal insurance, applicable to instances where a driver is not technically driving for their rideshare company, and for when a driver is actively responding to a request or transporting a passenger. Depending on the circumstances of a victim’s accident, a Darien Uber/taxi accident lawyer could advise them about whether the corporate-provided commercial insurance may or may not apply.

Liability and Compensation in a Darien Uber/Taxi Collision

Just like a car accident involving another civilian driver, many aspects of handling an Uber or taxi accident are the same. If the driver of a rideshare car or taxicab causes a fender-bender, they may be responsible, either through personal or commercial insurance, for the resulting injury-related costs and property damage.

In the event of a catastrophic accident, complications are created. Bodily injuries may be severe and require immediate and intensive medical treatment from first responders. After that, surgeries may be necessary, followed by hospitalization and subsequent procedures. The extent and severity of injuries could leave a person disfigured or permanently disabled.

These consequences are undeniably serious, as they shift the foundation of life itself for accident victims. In this scenario, policy limits may not be sufficient to cover expenses stemming from the accident. A personal injury lawsuit against the driver(s) at fault and possibly the company who negligently hired them may be necessary to obtain damages for losses. These could include:

  • Medical expenses, both current and future expenses
  • Lost income to date
  • Lost future income or earning ability
  • Physical pain
  • Mental distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of a healthy life
  • Wrongful death damages including loss of companionship, consortium, or society

For victims who have no other alternative, seeking the credentials of a taxi accident lawyer may be necessary to cover future expenses.

Seek Advice from a Darien Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney Today

Every claim is different. Consulting a Uber accident attorney could help you assess which damages may be available in your case. In the event of a trial, legal counsel could advocate for you passionately in insurance negotiations or a courtroom before a jury.

Seasoned attorneys could make all the difference to you. Call a Darien Uber/taxi accident lawyer today to learn more about what may be possible for you or your loved one’s recovery prospects.