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Car accidents remain a top cause of personal injuries in Fairfield and throughout the country. It is a rare person who is not involved in some form of a car crash at some point during their lives. Even if these incidents appear to be minor, the resulting impact could have a devastating impact on the future.

A Fairfield car accident lawyer could help people to deal with these effects. A lawyer could help explain a person’s rights under the law, investigate how another driver may have violated those rights, and demand appropriate compensation for a car accident.

The Duties of Drivers on Fairfield Roads

Driving is an inherently dangerous activity that places all participants and even bystanders at a serious risk of harm. Even though society now views driving as an everyday activity, the potential damages involved in a collision make many collisions catastrophic events.

As a result, Fairfield laws strictly control what it means to drive safely and how drivers must interact with each other. At the core is the concept that a driver assumes a duty to protect all other people that they may encounter while on the road. This extends to other drivers, passengers, bike riders, and pedestrians.

Most car accident claims in Fairfield allege that a defendant failed to uphold this duty. Known as negligence claims, these cases could demand payment from an at-fault defendant for all a plaintiff’s losses that result from the accident. Plaintiffs and a car crash attorney must prove that a defendant was the at-fault party in a collision. A Fairfield car wreck lawyer could provide more information about the duties of drivers and how a violation of those duties could lead to legal liability.

What a Plaintiff Must Prove to Prevail in a Negligence Claim

To win in a car accident case, it is not enough to merely state that another driver was to blame. Every claim must include specific evidence that describes negligent behavior and how that behavior led to a collision.

The most direct cases involve a defendant who breaks a rule of the road. Regulations such as speed limits, yielding, and use or turn signals exist to protect all travelers and pedestrians. A violation of these laws is a powerful indicator of defendant fault. A Fairfield car crash lawyer could investigate the status of a case in traffic court when a police report indicates that an officer issued a ticket to the defendant.

When a police officer does not provide their opinion as to which party was to blame for the crash, it is necessary to balance the actions of all parties to assign blame. This is because Connecticut General Statute §52-572(h) states that courts must apportion fault for an accident based on the actions of all involved people. It follows that a court would award compensation based on the percentages of blame. For example, a defendant who is 75 percent to blame for a collision must provide compensation for 75 percent of a plaintiff’s losses. In addition, if a plaintiff carries 51 percent or more of the fault, the court must award nothing. A Fairfield auto accident lawyer could help to build powerful negligence cases against at-fault drivers.

A Fairfield Car Accident Attorney Could Help to Seek Proper Compensation

Every person who suffers injuries in a car accident has the right to demand payments for their losses. These could include medical bills, lost wages, and emotional traumas. However, collecting payments is only possible if a plaintiff is able to prove that another party was at-fault for the collision.

A Fairfield car accident attorney could help to build potent negligence claims that demand appropriate payments. Car accident injury attorneys could work to investigate the cause of the crash by visiting the scene, talking to witnesses, and gathering police reports. If a defendant faces charges in traffic court, a car accident firm could track that case to determine if an outcome could benefit a claim for damages. There is a short time following a crash to demand payment, and your time may be running short. Contact a Fairfield car accident attorney today to get started on your car accident consultation.