He began his career as a Marine where he was honorably discharged. In the 1970’s, he returned to the Bronx where he began his family and became a New York City Police Officer, patrolling some of the most infamous areas of Manhattan, including Times Square and Ft. Apache. From there, Judge Keeney migrated to Florida where he was a narcotics officer at the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department. He then switched to helping accused defendants and worked as an investigator in the Legal Aid Society in Brooklyn using his street smarts to help exonerate defendants accused of serious crimes. Eventually, Judge Keeney decided to become an attorney and entered New York Law School where he graduated in 1989. The next Chapter for Attorney Keeney was in San Diego where he became a California barred attorney. He began his career as an attorney at a very prestigious civil litigation firm specializing in injury and admiralty law. From there then-Attorney Keeney returned to criminal law, where he was appointed as a San Diego city attorney as a prosecutor. Years later, he became one of the most well known, aggressive criminal defense attorneys. He came back to Connecticut where he was immediately assigned to defendants charged with serious criminal matters in both State and Federal Courts. For five years he was the Chairman of the Judicial Review Council which handles misconduct allegations brought by litigants statewide against judges. He was subsequently appointed to the Bench, donning the judge’s robe for five years. Upon his retirement, he returned to the practice of law resuming his position as one of the premier practitioners in that discipline. During his career, Attorney Keeney has participated in close to 100 trials with significant success.
  • New York Law School

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