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If you or a loved one suffered a severe due to another’s actions while biking, you might have a claim for monetary damages. A bicycle accident lawyer in Norwalk, Bridgeport, & Stamford could review the facts of your case to determine if your claim is viable. If so, an experienced injury attorney could bring a claim on your behalf to help you get the compensation you deserve. En Español.

Traffic Laws Affecting Cyclists

Cyclists are in a unique legal situation. While they enjoy the same protections as motorists while riding on a roadway, they also share the rights of pedestrians when riding on a sidewalk or crosswalk.

While riding on a public street,  Norwalk, Bridgeport, & Stamford cyclists must travel on the right side of the road and obey all traffic signals. No more than two cyclists may ride side by side at a time, and riders must use hand signals to indicate each turn. At night, cyclists must ride with a front headlight and rear reflectors.

Motorists must take special care when driving near cyclists. State law prevents motorists from coming within three feet of cyclists while approaching them from the rear or passing them on the left.

Any failure of the cyclist to comply with these requirements could result in a determination that they were partially at fault. A Norwalk, Bridgeport, & Stamford bike wreck attorney could make the case to a jury that the plaintiff complied with all bike laws and shared no responsibility for the collision.

Damages in a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

When a negligent driver injures a cyclist, the injured party could pursue that driver for monetary compensation for the resulting injuries. Many types of damages are available, depending on the specific facts of the case. A bike wreck attorney should consider every type of injury when seeking compensation. While most areas of compensation are related to an injured cyclist’s physical health, other types of damages are also available.

Medical Bills

When a bike collision leads to injuries, a plaintiff may pursue damages related to their medical bills. This can include compensation for medical treatment that occurs before the filing of the lawsuit or for future medical costs.

Lost Wages

A common, unfortunate side-effect of a bike wreck is time away from work. When an injury requires a person to take time from work to recover or prevents them from returning to their job, they can recover compensation for lost past and future wages.

Pain and Suffering

A plaintiff may also pursue damages for the physical pain they experience after the accident. Pain and suffering are non-economic damages, meaning their value is not inherently measurable. It is up to a jury to determine the value of the plaintiff’s pain and suffering if the case goes to trial.

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If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a bike accident, you deserve compensation. A bicycle accident lawyer could help you recover compensation through an injury lawsuit. Call today for a free consultation to discuss your options.