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Due to their size, weight, and lack of seatbelts, collisions involving buses could cause injuries to both motorists and passengers. Afterward, an injured individual may be overwhelmed and unsure of their legal options.

If you were injured in a crash involving a bus, contacting a seasoned attorney might be critical for recovering compensation. The process of pursuing legal recovery could be complicated. Dealing with insurance companies and negotiating with defense attorneys could be disadvantageous and confusing. However, a Norwalk, Bridgeport, & Stamford bus accident lawyer could help, so that you do not have to navigate each step alone. En Español.

Potential Options for Pursuing Compensation

Depending on the circumstances of a crash, there are multiple ways an individual may be able to pursue compensation. An injured passenger or driver could file an insurance claim or file a personal injury lawsuit.

Insurance Claims

If their losses are covered, an injured individual could file an insurance claim with their own company. Their insurance company would likely pursue a subrogation claim against the at-fault driver’s own insurance company.

Personal Injury Claims

If the extent of a person’s losses is not covered under their insurance policy, however, they may wish to file a personal injury lawsuit to request economic and noneconomic damages from the at-fault motorist. Before a lawsuit is filed, the injured party could first send a demand letter to the defendant and their insurance carrier, setting out the facts and requesting a certain amount in damages.

The injured party and the defendant’s insurance provider could then enter into settlement negotiations. If no settlement is reached, the plaintiff could initiate the a by filing a complaint. However, calculating damages and navigating the legal system might be overwhelming for an injured claimant. This is why the skill and dedication of a Norwalk, Bridgeport, & Stamford lawyer may be crucial for anyone looking to pursue a bus crash claim.

What are the Deadlines for Filing a Claim?

Someone injured in a bus crash should be aware of the deadlines that exist for filing a claim. This timeframe is established by the statute of limitations which, according to General Statutes of Connecticut §52-584, gives injured individuals two years from the date of their injury to pursue a legal claim.

Without following this timeframe, a potential claim runs the risk of facing a dismissal. Because of this, hiring a hardworking Norwalk, Bridgeport, & Stamford lawyer might be helpful for anyone looking to pursue a timely bus accident claim.

How a Norwalk, Bridgeport, & Stamford Bus Accident Attorney Could Help

If you were injured in an auto accident involving a bus, you are likely to be facing physical trauma and emotional anguish, along with mounting medical bills and an inability to return to work. However, when the negligence of another person is to blame, you should not have to cover these costs alone.

Fortunately, a bus accident lawyer might be able to help. A knowledgeable attorney could assess the facts of your case, work to determine liability, and demand full and fair compensation on your behalf. To get started, schedule a consultation today.