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With the help of an attorney who could use aggressive tactics on your behalf, you could avoid the biggest mistakes after a Norwalk car accident. Speak to an attorney today.

How Admitting Fault After a Wreck Is a Mistake

Admitting fault at the scene of a car accident is a mistake because it essentially results in any claim for injuries to be prohibited. The first thing that victims have to prove is fault and then prove damages. If they have already admitted fault, unfortunately, their claim would most likely be prohibited absent some sort of coercion or misinterpretation of their words.

Consequences of Refusing Medical Treatment

Although refusal of immediate medical treatment is not a complete prohibition against making a claim later on, the common misconception is that if someone does not have immediate pain or need for medical attention, that means they are not hurt. More often than not, injuries manifest themselves later on that night and into the following week and sometimes even months. Receiving medical attention is always preferable but not a complete prohibition against making a claim later on if medical attention is needed later on down the road.

There are a number of reasons why people refuse medical treatment as the scene. First, they have so much adrenaline in their bodies. They do not know they are injured. Second, most people want to feel safe and do not want to immediately go to a hospital. They would rather go home. Third, they are concerned about the cost consequences and how much it might cost them if they do avail themselves of medical treatment such as an ambulance or a hospital. However, these are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid in a Norwalk car accident. Victims should be checked out by a physician capable of determining if they sustained an injury that may not be immediately apparent.

Failing to Follow Doctors’ Orders

It is a mistake not to follow up with doctor’s orders because the defense attorney specifically focuses on those orders to see if they have complied with them. If there is any deviation whatsoever, they attempt to exploit the failure to follow up with the orders or with the treatment to show or to attempt to demonstrate that they are not actually hurt. Otherwise, they would have followed the doctor’s orders for medical treatment.

Treatment Gaps and Challenges to Norwalk Cases

A treatment gap could hurt a person’s case. It is one of the other tricks used by defense counsel to show that someone is not hurt. Under a theory that if somebody is really hurt, they would continually go for treatment in order to reconcile and cure the condition. It could hurt victims’ cases because that gap is used by defense counsel to diminish any claim that they have for injuries. Often, defense teams claim that the injuries are not serious. If they were, victims would have sought immediate treatment.

Why People Do Not Prioritize Medical Care

The reasons why people sometimes do not prioritize medical treatment is because they have so much going on in their lives and real-world constraints. People that are involved in car accidents have families. They have jobs. They have other responsibilities that may prevent them from putting themselves first. However, it is essential to put one’s medical health first in order to completely realize the maximum value for their case. Expenses are another reason why people do not prioritize seeking medical care. Health insurance is not as effective as it used to be. At the end of the case, if there is no insurance, the plaintiff would be responsible for those expenses, win, lose, or draw.

Speak to an Attorney with Aggressive Strategies for Court

Among the biggest mistakes to avoid after a Norwalk car accident is not talking to a tough, legitimate, and credible attorney. Reach out to an experienced lawyer today to start your claim and work toward financial recovery.