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Insurance companies will, as quickly as possible, contact those that had been involved in a car accident through any means possible to establish a narrative that could effectively bar a future claim by an injured party. This is why it is essential to contact an attorney right away after a car wreck. A lawyer who has experience dealing with insurance companies following a Norwalk car accident could protect your best interests.

Many people make the mistake of talking to an insurance company before a lawyer because they think the opposing insurance company is their friend. Just like the police, the insurance company is not their friend. The insurance company is trying to pay out as little as possible after a car wreck. Fortunately, an experienced car accident lawyer could fight for you and help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Avoid Giving a Recorded Statment

An injured person should always avoid giving a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company. By giving a recorded statement, the injured victim could talk their way out of a case instead of adding value to it. There is no redeeming value in giving a statement to an insurance company who is looking to establish their own narrative to help their case down the road and work against them in any aspect possible. The insurance company has skilled professionals and they could easily manipulate the questions to frame a false narrative. Before giving a recorded statement, the individual should consult with a lawyer. An attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies following a Norwalk car accident could ensure the injured victim is not taken advantage of.

Insurance Company Offering a Check

When a claimant is offered a check from the insurance company, they should avoid cashing it before consulting with an attorney. An insurance company may offer a check that is for a minimal amount when they know that the case is worth much more. It is never a good idea to accept a settlement before reviewing it with a lawyer. Once a settlement check is cashed, the claimant can no longer ask for more money. In most situations, an attorney will reject the initial offer and fight to get the injured victim more compensation.

How an Attorney Could Help with the Initial Steps After a Car Wreck

The specific ways attorneys can navigate the initial steps of dealing with a car accident are dealing with the insurance company and establishing the lines of communication in terms of property damage and personal injury. Attorneys are also skilled in explaining medical expenses and how they should be paid. Lawyers could help collect and preserve valuable evidence. A well-versed lawyer knows what is required to make out a successful claim following a car wreck.

Call a Norwalk Lawyer About Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

It is always a mistake not to call an attorney right away after a car accident. A person may not know their rights until they reach out to an attorney. When someone is involved in a car accident, they want the best possible advice for a future success down the road. Contacting an attorney will help to establish a timeline and blueprint for success for any aspect of the car accident including property damage and personal injuries. A lawyer who has experience dealing with insurance companies following a Norwalk car accident could help you recover the damages you deserve.