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If you or someone you love was injured because of a drunk driver’s negligence, then you need the help of a Norwalk drunk driving accident lawyer. An attorney could fight hard to get you the compensation you need and help you work toward the recovery you desire.

The Unique Nature of Norwalk Drunk Driving Accident Cases

Drunk driving injury cases differ from other car accident injury cases because the offender has little to no control of their facilities and, thus, has little to no control over their car. This is a recipe for exceptionally serious consequences including death and serious permanent physical injuries. Victims of these drivers’ negligent choices often suffer from debilitating and life-altering injuries that take drastic amounts of time to recover from, if at all recovery is possible.

Commonalities of Wrecks Caused by Intoxicated Drivers

A common fact pattern associated with drunk driving accidents in Norwalk is that they normally happen late at night in highly populated areas. Drunk drivers in Norwalk are normally young males behind the wheel. They could create a seriously hazardous and sometimes deadly combination when people choose to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking. When wrecks do happen, victims need to consider retaining the services of a Norwalk drunk driving accident lawyer who could use aggressive tactics to get them the settlement or jury verdict they need.

Could Somone Recover Even if They Too Were Inebriated?

When the injured person is also the drunk driver, recovery is still possible. The intoxicated driving must be the cause of the accident. If it is not, the injured drunk driver could still recover.

Recoverable Losses After a Wreck

The types of damages, commonly known as recoverable losses, that are sought by plaintiffs in drunk driving accidents include economic, non-economic, and also reckless damages that could double or triple their recovery. Under Connecticut General Statutes 14-295, the court may award double or triple damages because drunk driving is extremely negligent driving and satisfies the requirement to exponentially increase victims’ recoveries.

The Role of a Victim During the Legal Process

The injured party in a drunk driving accident would be intimately involved in a drunk driving accident because they are the victim and they are entitled to both criminal and civil justice. An experienced drunk driving attorney could fight for justice for a victim wherever the case might take them, including criminal and civil court as well as sometimes Department of Motor Vehicle hearings. It is in the best interest of victims to work with a Norwalk drunk driving accident lawyer because of this.

Pressing Charges

The injured driver does not have to press charges against a drunk driver. The state automatically picks up the case against someone who was alleged to have been drinking and driving. Drunk driving is an epidemic in Norwalk and is close to being a health emergency. Therefore, the state’s attorney has a vested interest in doing justice for the people of the city of Norwalk.

The injury case and the DUI case are handled separately. The injury case is a civil matter while the DUI case is a criminal matter. The latter of which could carry a term of imprisonment up to one year for a first or second-time offender and up to five years for a third-time offender and up.

Connect with an Attorney Today

If you or your loved one has been hurt by a drunk driver, you need to call a legitimate, credible, and tough lawyer immediately. A Norwalk drunk driving accident lawyer could hold negligent parties accountable for their actions and get you the compensation you need.

We understand what you are going through during this hard time in your life. When you are ready, reach out to a lawyer.