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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a head-on collision, a Norwalk lawyer may be necessary if you wish to pursue a legal claim for your recoverable losses. A lawyer’s experience could be relied upon in these instances. Reach out to a team of legitimate, tough, and credible attorneys today.

What Is a Head-On Collision?

A head-on collision is where two cars hit one another in a head-to-head fashion where one person crosses over into the other driver’s lane of travel.

A common fact pattern surrounding head-on collision scenarios involves people crossing over into somebody else’s lane of travel. This often occurs when the offending driver is drunk, on the phone, or inexperienced in handling the road.

Injuries the Result from Front-End Wrecks in Norwalk

Head-on collisions are so serious because they are associated with death. When a car weighing thousands of pounds is coming into a person’s lane of travel, there is little that could be done to avoid the collision.

Assigning Fault

Fault in head-on collisions will always be assigned to the person that comes into the wrong lane of travel. There is no defense for someone driving in someone else’s lane.

A factor that could impact liability in head-on collision cases could be found in Connecticut General Statutes Section 14-295, which awards double or triple damages when one car collides with another car head-on as the result of crossing over into the wrong lane of travel.

First Steps Attorneys Usually Take in a Lawsuit

The first step an attorney usually takes in head-on collision cases involves making sure all of the evidence is preserved in a head-on collision. First and foremost, it is vitally important to establish who crossed into whose lane of travel. A Norwalk head-on collision lawyer immediately documents the accident scene with their experienced investigators to preserve evidence so a different narrative cannot cloud up the case.

Following Up with a Physician’s Orders

Following up on head-on collisions with a doctor is so important because the injuries associated with head-on collisions are often the most serious. When somebody collides with another driver in a direct and head-on fashion, all injuries that result are not always so apparent. Typically, the more serious injuries overshadow the “minor” (though just as life-changing) injuries that a victim could sustain. It takes the experience and knowledge of a medical professional to not only identify these injuries, but also attest that this harm someone endured stemmed from their accident. For victims of head-on collisions, a Norwalk lawyer could communicate with a medical professional and request that this medical professional attests to the injuries a victim sustained.

Let a Team of Attorneys Help with Aggressive Tactics

Insurance adjusters rarely wish to pay fair amounts needed to victims of car wrecks. For victims in Norwalk head-on collisions, lawyers could help. If you have been harmed and need a legal advocate who could fight for the compensation you need, reach out to a lawyer today. An attorney stands ready to fight for you and help you win a favorable courtroom award for your losses.