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If a car wreck case is unable to be settled, it may go to trial. At trial, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that all the essential elements of the case have been met not only for the fault but also for the damages.

An accomplished lawyer with experience with Norwalk car accident trials could help you with recovering damages. Call a seasoned car wreck attorney today and set up a consultation.

Jury and Bench Trials

Car accident cases can be heard by a jury of six or it could be done by a bench trial, which means heard to the court. Determining which to use, a judge or a jury is entirely the choice of the claimant. However, an experienced lawyer will be able to guide that decision by giving all of the pros and cons so that the best possible trial fact can be selected.

The trial process in a Norwalk car accident case concerning jury selection is individually done with individual people. In 49 out of the 50 jurisdictions, a jury is picked with the assistance of a judge in a boxed setting and can be done within an hour. In Connecticut, a lawyer can sit and pick out those jurors that may have some sort of prejudice against the case, and that is always beneficial to the plaintiff to see potential problems with juror impressions and prejudices.

Opening and Closing Statements

During Norwalk car accident trials, both parties are entitled to give an opening statement. Since the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, they will give their opening statement first.

At the end of the case, both sides will present a closing argument as well. During the closing argument, the two parties will sum up the evidence and try to persuade the jury.

Multiple Defendants in a Car Wreck Case

If there are multiple defendants, the case will proceed just as any other case. The order in which a case is presented before the court does not change. However, the jury can consider the corresponding fault or percentage of fault of each of the defendants.

Having multiple defendants could always cause or influence the outcome of a case. Differing minds can have differing opinions about who is more responsible for the injuries of a plaintiff. As far as a plaintiff is concerned, the more defendants that are available, the better the case.

A car accident lawyer presents their arguments to multiple defendants just like they would present it if they were single defendants. It is the job of the jury to decide who and what percentage of the fault should be assigned.

How Long Does Litigation Last?

Connecticut is the only state that has individual voir dire, so litigation could take anywhere from weeks to months. A seasoned lawyer will get agreements on issues that cannot be disputed before the trial begins in order to shorten the length of a case. Juries are inherently distracted. People that sometimes will lose interest. Therefore, it is imperative that an attorney keeps the attention of the jury, and eliminating issues that are not in dispute is just one way to make sure that the jury stays engaged in the entire process.

Call a Lawyer About Norwalk Car Accident Trials

An accomplished lawyer will navigate the difficulties at trial because they are equipped and have the experience to deal with the issues that may come up. It is crucial for injured victims to obtain a skilled attorney who has done this before. Just like in any other profession, experience matters. They need someone that has the ability to negotiate a settlement as well as litigate a case confidently and professionally to the maximum benefit of the claimant. If you were injured in a car collision, contact an attorney who is well-versed with Norwalk car accident trials.