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Anyone who has recently sustained a paralysis injury is strongly encouraged to contact a Norwalk paralysis injury lawyer. Injuries of this kind can be highly complex and require the help of a catastrophic injury attorney who could document the future life-care needs of the victim and file claim for the recovery of money damages.

Types of Paralysis

One of the primary goals of a Norwalk paralysis injury attorney is to evaluate how a victim’s injury affects their quality of life and then resolve a case with the use of aggressive tactics. In doing so, attorneys need to understand the different types of paralysis and how each type limits a victim’s physical abilities.


This type of paralysis affects just one part of the body, often due to stroke, spinal cord injury, or cerebral palsy. One with monoplegia may regain function of the affected area through physical therapy.


Hemiplegia is caused by brain injury is often characterized by “stages” beginning with a prickling sensation followed by muscle weakening and finally escalating to paralysis. It affects just one side of the body.


The form of paralysis called paraplegia can be quite debilitating as it generally involves a total loss of feeling below the waist, affecting leg and hip function as well as reproductive and excretory function.


An individual with quadriplegia (also called tetraplegia) typically loses function in all four limbs and the torso. Like paraplegia, quadriplegia is typically caused by a spinal cord injury one experiences in a motor vehicle accident, sport accident, or violent physical assault.

Compensation a Paralysis Injury Victim Might Recover

There are many different types of damages that someone who has suffered a paralysis injury may be able to obtain with the help of a Norwalk paralysis injury legal professional.

Medical Expenses

This category can encompass both past expenses as well as those that a paralysis injury victim will likely incur in the future. Broadly speaking, it might cover medical treatment, medication, ongoing rehabilitation, and medical devices – such as a wheelchair.

Lost Income

A paralysis victim may have to temporarily leave work or exit the workforce permanently. Seeking compensation for lost income for the inability to work is often a critical component for many victims of paralysis.

Pain and Suffering

Connecticut does not place a cap on damages for “pain and suffering,” which is often defined as the physical and mental distress of being seriously injured. Examples of just what constitutes pain and suffering include limitations on activity, depression, potential shortening of life, and disfiguring scarring.

Let a Norwalk Paralysis Injury Attorney Help

A paralysis injury victim may be eligible for compensation if it can be shown that the injury was caused by negligent or intentional behavior. Contact a Norwalk paralysis injury lawyer today for information on how a tough, legitimate, and credible attorney could help.