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The medical bills and other expenses associated with even a minor spinal cord injury can be staggering. Which is why you are strongly encouraged to contact a Norwalk spinal cord injury lawyer if either you or a family member has recently sustained an injury of this nature. If either negligent conduct or intentional harm caused the injury, a personal injury attorney could help you pursue compensation for all past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering – and more.

Common Spinal Cord Injury Causes

Any type of significant impact to the spine can inflict serious damage on the spinal cord. As vertebrae protect the spinal cord, damage to one or more vertebra could compress or even damage spinal cord tissue. For attorneys to recover compensation on victims’ behalves, they often look at the common causes of back injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car and motorcycle accidents account for nearly half of all spinal cord injuries each year. The impact of a rolled vehicle or unexpected impact could cause life-altering injuries to victims on the road.


Individuals over the age of 65 who injure their spine typically do so by falling. Even for younger victims, it is not impossible to sustain a serious impact that results in spinal column damage.


Many spinal cord injuries are the result of a violent encounter, such a gunshot or stab wound. While a criminal charge against someone could result in one form of justice, a civil lawsuit could help victims recover compensation to address their injuries caused by the negligence or malice of another.

Impacts on Quality of Life

One of the first phone calls a victim should make after sustaining a spinal cord injury is to a Norwalk spinal cord injury attorney who has successfully resolved similar claims with aggressive tactics. That is because a spinal cord injury can have devastating consequences that deserve compensation under Connecticut personal injury law. An injury attorney could potentially recover significant financial compensation through either negotiation or court order.

A spinal cord injury can, in the blink of an eye, make it impossible for one to perform daily tasks they used to take for granted. For example, a victim may have to under extensive rehabilitation to be able to perform simple daily tasks again, such as walking, getting dressed, and picking up small objects. A spine injury resulting in either paraplegia or quadriplegia may necessitate 24/7 in-home care, nursing home care, or home modifications – none of which are easily affordable.

The course of one’s life after a spinal cord injury is almost always very different than what it was before the accident. Not only can it cause paralysis and loss of limb function but also “secondary” conditions such as respiratory complications, urinary tracts infections, pressure sores, and mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Fortunately, a legal professional could thoroughly document all the physical and mental effects of a spinal cord injury and pursue compensation from the responsible party.

Contact a Norwalk Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Today

A spinal cord injury can be devastating although it is possible for a victim to return to some degree of normalcy. A Norwalk spinal cord injury lawyer could take care of all the legal nuances of a claim while you and your family focus on recovery. Contact a lawyer today.