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How Fault Is Determined in Motorbike Wrecks

Fault for crashes involving motorcycles is determined in much the same as a car accident. One is required to not follow too closely, change lanes in a safe manner, and not drive in a reckless fashion either by speeding or driving too fast for the conditions. The analysis on fault is much the same in car accidents as they are with motorcycle accidents.

Shared Fault in an Accident

Norwalk and Connecticut is a comparative negligence jurisdiction.

Comparative fault when determining who is liable for a traffic accident means that a trier of fact in a trial could find that somebody contributed or was somewhat negligent in their own injuries. If someone is responsible greater than 51 percent for their own injuries, they could not recover. They would be prohibited by law.

Prepping for Accidents

A motorcyclist could make themselves more aware of the increased risks of injury compared to other types of motor vehicles in Norwalk by preparing themselves for accidents and following the rules of the road. For motorcycles, the rules are much different than those for cars. As an added measure, motorcyclists have to be more vigilant when dealing with motor vehicles. There are significant blind spots on cars where motorcyclists may not be visible to car drivers. Therefore, it is essential that motorcyclists assume that someone is not able to see them before making a move or advancing on a motor vehicle to the left, right, front, or in back.

Potentially Responsible Parties

Under Norwalk law, anybody could have an insurance claim or lawsuit filed against them for a motorcycle claim. Much the same as a car accident, there are certain rules and regulations that govern use of the roads. If those rules are violated, a plaintiff suffering personal injuries would prevail on their case provided they provide enough evidence to show that the law was broken and that the damages they suffered were directly correlated to that violation of the law.

Standards for Motorcyclists

The standards that motorcyclists are held to in the eyes of Norwalk law are the same standard as other motor vehicles. However, the prevailing thoughts are that motorcyclists are more reckless because of the unknowns. That notion is completely false. Drivers of motor vehicles must understand that motorcyclists have just as much right to the road as they do in their motor vehicles. Once that is understood, motorcycle accidents would drop precipitously and less serious injuries would be seen as a result of negligent motor vehicle drivers against motorcyclists.

How Attorneys Approach These Cases

A personal injury attorney would consider the various dynamics of a motorcycle accident in a Norwalk accident case in a three-dimensional way. What does that mean? In a motorcycle accident case, experienced motorcycle accident lawyers would look at not only the surrounding circumstances but also what could have been done better by the driver who caused the accident. When there is a driver in a car accident, there is more of an opportunity to avoid an accident. In a motorcycle accident, the driver of the motorcycle is at the mercy of motor vehicles to miss them rather than the other way around. When a motorcyclist is hit by a motor vehicle, there is a greater opportunity for serious injury.

Speak to an Attorney Who Uses Aggressive Tactics to Help Victims Recover

If you have been harmed in a Norwalk motorcycle accident case, establishing negligence is a necessary facet to any compensation you wish to recover. Fortunately, aggressive, tough, and legitimate lawyers stand ready to help you bring a claim against responsible parties. Reach out to a lawyer today.