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As cities grow in size, certain types of accidents become more common. Pedestrian accidents in Norwalk happen more frequently than anyone would like. Too often, drivers fail to give walkers the care they are owed.

If you or your loved ones were harmed by a negligent driver, you need to reach out to an experienced attorney who uses aggressive tactics for help.

Certain Types of Car Wrecks Involving Foot Traffic

There are many types of common accidents with pedestrians in Norwalk. Some of these incidents involve drivers that are negligently inattentive. When these wrecks occur, it is often the people on foot who are harmed the most.

Crosswalk Accidents

Pedestrian accidents involving crosswalks is one of the most common pedestrian accidents in Norwalk. Normally, people are aware that they need to cross within the crosswalk and as motor vehicles are not aware of the crosswalk, that can result in an accident resulting in injuries.

Cars Backing Up

Scenarios involving cars backing up in Norwalk is also very common. This often happens because when drivers are backing up, they do not have an unobstructed line of sight. When backing up, people must be more cognizant of the fact that people oftentimes cross and back up their car.

Parking Lot Injuries

Pedestrian accidents in parking lots are extremely common because there are so many people in the vicinity. Drivers have to be aware of all of the different hazards that pedestrians present in a parking lot. Parking lots in commercial settings are the most common causes of pedestrian-related injuries. People are in a rush to get where they need to be. It is a very dangerous place and therefore results in a lot of pedestrian accidents. Parking lots on private property is not as popular as in a commercial setting, but nonetheless they are just as dangerous because of the fact that there are many different blind spots and drivers of motor vehicles sometimes do not pay attention to their surroundings.

Accidents on the Streets

Pedestrian accident on the streets with no sidewalks is a very scary situation. Sidewalks provide a safe harbor for people to know the bounds of where they should be and likewise, cars are more aware of people when they are on sidewalks. If they are not on the sidewalks, it could cause catastrophic consequences.

Failures to Yield

Wrecks involving cars turning right on red is similarly very hazardous. When motorists are turning right on red, they have to be aware of the fact that the right of way belongs to the pedestrian crossing in front of them.

Cars turning left across an intersection could create scenarios just as dangerous. When making a left-hand turn, cars are not in tune with the different hazards that pedestrians present while crossing the street. Pedestrians crossing the street on a left-hand turn, similarly, if they are on the crosswalk, would have the right of way.

Incidents at stop signs are one of the most common pedestrian accidents in Norwalk. Just because drivers have stopped at a stop sign does not necessarily mean they could automatically go. They have to be aware of all their surroundings and stop. When they do stop, they should look around for any potential hazards, including pedestrians.

Recover from Common Pedestrian Accidents with a Norwalk Lawyer’s Help

With an increase in foot traffic comes an increase in the number of common pedestrian accidents in Norwalk. If you or a loved one has suffered because a negligent driver did not give you the duty of care you were owed, you need to reach out to a team of tough, legitimate, and credible attorneys today.