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For victims of a pedestrian accident in Norwalk, the steps to take after are critical for recovery. These milestones could determine whether or not compensation is possible. Among these steps includes partnering with a tough, legitimate, and credible attorney who could help.

Seeking Medical Attention

The most important thing that pedestrian should do after they are involved in an accident is to seek medical attention. Even if someone says they are feeling okay, it is vital to get checked out by a medical professional. Sometimes victims are not aware of the injuries that they sustained until many minutes or hours after the actual accident. Among the steps to take after a Norwalk pedestrian accident, this is among the most critical to recovery.

Following Through with a Doctor’s Orders

It is so important for people to make sure they have thoroughly followed up with their doctors following a pedestrian accident because there could be injuries that are not readily apparent, such as internal bleeding and other silent injuries that require medical attention.

The Police Report

People should call the police immediately after a pedestrian accident. It is important to document everything so that establishing liability could be done right on the spot.

When to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

A person should contact a Norwalk pedestrian accident attorney if they have reason to believe that they are injured and require compensation.

Collecting a Driver’s Information

People should go about collecting the driver’s information by asking for it. If the motor vehicle operator involved in the pedestrian accident is not forthcoming with the insurance information, the police are able to help in obtaining that information.

If a driver flees the scene, obviously getting the license plate number is the most important thing. If that is not possible, finding witnesses is important part of documenting the scene. If that is not possible, looking for street cameras is always a way of obtaining insurance information.

Other Information to Obtain

Among the steps to take after a pedestrian accident in Norwalk, people should try to collect any and all evidence that could be used to support their case. Often times, people are more concerned with their injuries at that time, so it is understandable. However, photographs need to be taken, weather conditions need to be noted, and the time needs to be noted as well as any other visual cues regarding the driver of the motor vehicle. That is extremely important later on in corroborating a successful case.

Take Steps After Your Norwalk Pedestrian Accident

Among the many steps to take after your Norwalk pedestrian accident includes contacting a dedicated attorney who uses aggressive tactics to resolve a claim. Do not let insurance adjusters bully you into an unfair settlement. Reach out today.