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Despite your best efforts to adhere to the rules of the road as a pedestrian, there is no guarantee that other people driving near you would do the same. When these irresponsible drivers harm people in crosswalks, the injuries victims like yourself sustain are often serious and life-altering. The many types of Norwalk pedestrian accidents often leave victims with little chance of financial recovery. That is unless a lawyer who could work hard for them offers them a chance at recovery through a civil claim.

Who Is Legally a Pedestrian?

A pedestrian is someone who is walking on the street or on a sidewalk.

Common Facts Surrounding Wrecks

There are several common fact patterns surrounding pedestrian accidents in Norwalk. One common fact pattern is where a pedestrian in walking across the street and a motor vehicle fails to yield, causing a collision. The second common area with pedestrian accidents involves trips and falls, when someone trips and falls on a sidewalk in the street based on a hazard that is unknown to them at that time.

Rules Regarding Walkers on the Street and Sidewalks

Pedestrians are required to walk within the bound of a crosswalk. If they are on the crosswalk, motor vehicles are required to yield for them, as per state law.

The Uniqueness of Pedestrian Wrecks

Pedestrian accidents are unique in that accidents involving pedestrians involve a person versus motor vehicles. In an automobile accident, it is a motor vehicle versus a motor vehicle. The potential for the types of Norwalk pedestrian accidents to cause serious harm is tremendous.

The accident involves flesh versus metal whereas in a car accident, two motor vehicles are involved. It is metal versus metal.

Circumstances When Bikers Are Regarded As Pedestrians

The circumstances by which bicycles may be considered pedestrians is if the person is walking their bicycle and is hit by a car. Additionally, if they are walking on a crosswalk with the bicycle, that would further booster their arguments that they were pedestrians.

The Frequency of Children and Car Collisions

Children are often the victims of pedestrian accidents because they do not know the rules of the road. Also, the size of a child can increase the chances of an accident because they are more difficult to be seen by motorists.

Child-related pedestrian accidents differ than adult pedestrian-related accidents in that children are not expected to know all of the rules of the road. Therefore, they get more leeway in determining fault and liability when there is a pedestrian accident involving child pedestrians.

Risks to the Elderly

An elderly person could suffer increased injuries because they may or may not have the faculties that a normal person would have. The older people get, the less aware they become, and that could result in catastrophic consequences.

Learn More About the Types of Pedestrian Accidents in Norwalk

When people, from the elderly to children, cross a street, they do so with the hopes that the drivers near are respectful of the rules of the road and give them the duty of care they are owed. When these negligent drivers disregard these rules, accidents happen.

If you or someone you love was seriously injured by a negligent driver, then you need to reach out to a team of tough, legitimate, and credible attorneys who use aggressive tactics to resolve victims’ cases. Call today.