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When a truck driver chooses to drink and drive, the subsequent accidents are often exceptionally devastating for victims and their families. For surviving family or victims of these wrecks, the recovery you desire could be possible through the help and knowledge of an experienced legal representative. To hold responsible parties accountable for their actions, reach out to an aggressive Norwalk truck DUI accident lawyer today.

The Frequency of Drunk Drivers

Truck driving accidents involving intoxicated drivers are not as common as ones involving motor vehicles. However, they are much more serious because of the fact that trucks are sometimes three to ten times larger than personal cars.

What are common trends in truck accidents that are related to intoxication?

The common trends in truck accidents that are attributed to intoxication include late-night driving that involves someone who has enjoyed one too many intoxicating beverages and/or intoxicating drugs. Should the victim of an accident wish to seek compensation, they should then consider Norwalk truck DUI accident lawyer.

The most frequently seen substances include alcohol, since beer is often advertised at rest stops and stimulants that help drivers stay awake and alert. However, if they are banned narcotics and they are found to be in the truck driver’s system, the truck driver could be held responsible for any damages that are caused as a result of the intoxicated driving.

Future Employment

The implications of a DUI on a truck driver’s future employment is that they would likely be barred from driving a truck for the foreseeable future. A DUI affects a truck driver’s individual license the same as it would a commercial driver’s license. Truck drivers are subject to the same consequences of driving under the influence. There are, however, some exceptions. It is necessary to have higher standards for truck drivers in regard to DUIs because of the nature of the size of the truck that could cause the most catastrophic injuries.

Who Regulates Trucking Industries?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration use an agency called the Department of Transportation that regulates the trucking industry in the United States. Federal trucking laws are very closely related to industry standards and regulations in the trucking industry. Under the most ideal circumstances, the rules and regulations in place would be enough to prevent any form of serious accidents, but this is not always the case.

Mandated Insurance for Trucking Companies

Trucking companies must obtain commercial motor vehicle insurance policies that cover any and all damages caused by the truck or by the trailer themselves. In addition, there are mandatory minimums for hazardous materials for obvious reasons. For example, if a trucker were to be carrying explosive material, it would be imperative for that company to account for any unfortunate accident by possessing mandated insurance.

Recover Losses with the Help of a Norwalk Truck DUI Accident Lawyer

When negligent truck drivers disregard the rules of the road, they place other drivers in unnecessary risk of harm. When truckers choose to drink or intoxicate themselves while behind the wheel, accidents happen. When these preventable wrecks happen, victims should work with an experienced Norwalk truck DUI accident lawyer who could gather evidence and advocate on their behalfs. Reach out to a dedicated attorney today and start your case with the help of a tough, legitimate, and credible attorney.