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After a serious injury, recovering compensation for monetary losses might seem like a herculean task. When you have little choice but to address the mounting medical expenses, a lawsuit could, however, give you the means to set things right. With the help of a Norwalk garbage and dump truck accident lawyer, you could focus on your recovery while an attorney addresses the legal issues at hand. Reach out to a team of trustworthy attorneys who could represent you today.

Common Waste Truck Wrecks

The circumstances where a person may be involved in an accident with a garbage truck is when the garbage truck is backing up. It is common to hear the beeping noise of a garbage truck backing up. However, because they are so wide and so tall, it is almost impossible for operators of these vehicles to see behind them.

Accidents with garbage trucks tend to produce a great amount of property damage. Because they are so large and weigh so much, the likelihood that they bring significant property damage is greater than a passenger car accident. These accidents also tend to create a stronger likelihood of injuries and higher incidents of serious physical injuries.

Garbage truck accidents typically occur on residential roads. Garbage trucks tend to stick to side roads when picking up trash. Those roads are normally much narrower and present more opportunity for the truck driver to create an unsafe environment leading to a collision.

Injuries that Victims Often Sustain From Dump and Garbage Truck Accidents in Norwalk

The injuries that a person could sustain when being injured by a dump truck are numerous. They include back and neck injuries, broken bones, and anything else that is commonly seen in passenger car injuries. However, because the dump trucks are normally larger than passenger vehicles, the amount of damage and the severity of damage is often much more serious.

Locations for Drump Truck Collisions

Much like large vehicles used for garbage, dump trucks accidents in Norwalk are frequently present on main roads such as Route 1 and other highly traveled roadways near construction sites. When victims sustain injuries from garbage or dump truck accidents in Norwalk, lawyers could be used to recover compensation on behalf of those victims. This compensation could then be used to address the bills victims often accrue due to their injuries.

Recoverable Losses

After turning to a Norwalk garbage and dump truck accident lawyer, people could seek both economic and non-economic damages. These forms of compensation are the same as any other form of compensation sought in a negligent accident. While economic damages account for the measurable and real expenses that victims have, non-economic losses are a little more challenging to quantify. If a victim is no longer able to enjoy the things they once did, that loss could be compensable, but it is much more challenging to place a number value to. Because of this challenge, Norwalk lawyers for garbage or dump truck accident victims stand ready to assist.

Contact an Experienced Norwalk Garbage and Dump Truck Accident Attorney Today

If you were seriously injured in an accident involving a garbage or dump truck in Norwalk, a lawyer could help you hold negligent parties accountable. This could be done through a civil claim which could also allow you to obtain compensation to address the medical bills unfairly placed upon you. Reach out to a team of credible, tough, and legitimate attorneys today to start your confidential consultation.