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A jackknife truck accident is when a truck towing a trailer skids, and the trailer pushes to towing vehicle from behind until it spins the vehicle around and faces backward. Jackknifing refers to the folding of a truck so that it resembles the acute angle of a folding pocket knife.

If you or a loved one were injured in a jackknife truck crash, you might be entitled to compensation. Contact a Norwalk jackknife truck accident lawyer today. A seasoned truck crash attorney could fight for you and help you recover the damages you deserve.

Common Scenarios Leading to Jackknife Truck Accidents

There are many causes of jackknife truck crashes. A jackknife accident can happen due to an equipment failure, improper braking, speeding, and driving in poor weather conditions such as an icy road surface.

Some precautions that can be taken to prevent jackknifing is making sure that all of the equipment that is being operated in the tractor-trailer is fully operational. Second, extra precautions can be taken when the weather conditions are not favorable to driving, especially in sleek and icy conditions.

A jackknife truck accident lawyer in Norwalk could investigate a wreck, gather evidence, and determine liability.

Impact of a Jackknife Truck Collision

A jackknife truck crash can impact several other vehicles because when a truck jackknifes, it can completely block off the road because the tractor is lying horizontally across all lanes of travel. This can lead to a pile up of multiple vehicles. Therefore, the parties that can be involved in a jackknife case are numerous. Also, jackknife truck wrecks can lead to fatal and catastrophic injuries.

If the jackknife accident was not foreseeable or preventable by the parties involved, but someone was still injured, an experienced attorney could gather all the information as necessary to show that a jackknife accident was the fault of the truck. Under federal law, all tractor-trailers must have a black box in their truck that shows all the movements: braking, speed, and turning. A black box can demonstrate that the truck driver was not being careful and thus negligent in causing a jackknife accident.

How a Norwalk Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

A Norwalk jackknife truck accident lawyer has experience handling these types of cases and could be in the best position to help you. An accomplished attorney could help you gather evidence as soon as possible before it is lost. Without crucial evidence, it can be challenging to prove a case.

After gathering evidence, a lawyer could help calculate the damages that you deserve. Damages that may be available following a jackknife tractor-trailer accident include economic and non-economic. Economic damages include medical bills, future medical bills, lost wages, and future lost wages. Non-economic damages take into consideration the victim’s pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of activities.

If you or a loved one were injured in a jackknife truck crash, you should speak to a skilled legal professional today. A jackknife tractor-trailer accident lawyer in Norwalk could help you recover compensation.