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If you or a loved one were injured in a truck crash, you might be entitled to compensation. An experienced truck accident lawyer could help you recover the damages you deserve. Reach out to a dedicated attorney who has experience with Norwalk truck accident settlements. A lawyer could help you gather evidence, file a claim, and negotiate a settlement that is favorable to you.

Initial Consultation with an Attorney

When an individual comes in for their initial consultation with a lawyer, it is imperative that they bring specific information with them regarding the accident. This information should include the police report number, medical bills, and any evidence from the scene. Knowing the medical history of a claimant is crucial. The medical history helps the lawyer understand what was and what was not caused by the accident. The evidence that could be useful are photos, videos, and witness statements.

Settlements Vs. Trial

The decision as to whether to settle or go to trial is solely at the discretion of the claimant. An attorney can always give their advice but it is the claimant’s choice when it comes to settling or taking the case to court.

One of the reasons a person might want to settle a claim rather than go to trial is that the offer from the insurance company is acceptable. Also, going to trial can be risky because the plaintiff may lose the case and end up not collecting any compensation. Trial can also be an inconvenience to the injured party. An accomplished lawyer could go over the risks and rewards of going to trial rather than settle with the injured person.

However, if an insurance company is not offering enough money, the injured victim may want to take the case to trial. Some people also enjoy the satisfaction of winning a case at trial.

Truck Collision Settlement Process in Norwalk

The Norwalk truck accident settlement process is like most other personal injury negotiations. After building a strong case, the injured party’s lawyer will send a demand for settlement to the insurance company. The insurance company will come back with a counteroffer. That negotiation will go on until an acceptable settlement is reached by both parties.

What to Consider Before Settling a Claim

There are many factors individuals should consider before settling a truck accident claim. People should take into account the time and effort to keep the case going and the risk associated with going to trial. They should also consider their own comparative fault for the accident. If they are in any way responsible for the accident, a jury can reduce the award by the percentage in which they find the plaintiff was at fault.

Once the settlement is reached, an insurance company has 30 days to pay the settlement. The process can be expedited by signing all the paperwork and sending it to the insurance company for them to process the settlement check. It is crucial to get an experienced injury attorney because once the settlement paperwork is submitted, the lawyer will follow up every day to make sure that the insurance company actually does pay the settlement.

A Norwalk Lawyer Could Help with Truck Accident Settlements

If you have injured in a truck crash, you should reach out to a well-versed lawyer who could help you with your claim. An attorney could help you gather evidence and negotiate with the insurance company to get you the compensation you deserve. Call today to learn more about how a lawyer could help you with Norwalk truck accident settlements.