Injuries can be the result of catastrophic accidents, intentional acts of violence, or daily personal activities. Fortunately, if someone suffers losses from any such injuries, they can file a civil claim seeking damages from the responsible party.

It is not uncommon for victims of accident claims to accumulate thousands of dollars in medical bills, to lose out on income, and to suffer through intense mental anguish. A personal injury claim could help an accident victim recover from these losses. However, pursuing these cases can be difficult without an experienced legal professional.

A Stamford personal injury lawyer could help you file a civil claim after an accident or attack has left you with damages. A skilled attorney can help measure your losses, investigate the incident, and pursue at-fault defendants for the compensation you deserve.

Types of Civil Claims in Stamford

Civil claims most frequently arise from injuries that are the result of accidents. While the defendants in these cases may not intend to cause any harm, the law says that certain defendants may be liable to provide compensation.

If a defendant fails to provide their duty of care to the plaintiff, and an injury results, that defendant may be liable to provide payment. Some typical examples of personal injury claims may include:

  • Car, truck, or motorcycle wrecks
  • Slips and falls
  • Defective product claims
  • Doctor, hospital, or dentist malpractice

An injured party also may file a personal injury lawsuit if their losses resulted from an intentional attack. In these cases, the defendant may face civil liability in addition to criminal charges, but criminal courts may not order a defendant to compensate a victim for their injuries.

A plaintiff may use a conviction in criminal court as powerful evidence of fault for their civil claim, but an acquittal does not mean that a civil case may fail. A Stamford personal injury attorney could guide an injured party through the civil claims process for either type of civil lawsuit.

Compensation in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The purpose of most personal injury claims is to make the plaintiff whole again. This means that the defendant must compensate the plaintiff to put them back in the position that they would have been in had the incident never happened. While this may be difficult from a practical standpoint, a successful personal injury case can bring compensation needed to cover all of an accident victim’s losses.

The core of most personal injury claims is physical harm. These injuries do not need to be life-threatening but should be severe enough to warrant a trip to a medical care facility.

In addition to covering any medical expenses, a claim may demand recovery for other economic impacts. If someone sustains injuries that are severe enough to keep them out of work, their claim could demand payments for any lost earnings. The most severe lawsuits may also request compensation for lost earning potential in the case of permanent injury or death.

A civil claim may also cover emotional losses that cause severe pain and disruption in a person’s daily life. A Stamford civil claims lawyer could measure the impact of a plaintiff’s losses and request appropriate monetary compensation on their behalf.

Speak with a Stamford Personal Injury Attorney

Whenever another party’s negligence or intentional act of violence is responsible for your losses, you may have the right to pursue compensation. This compensation can pay for the costs of medical treatment, reimburse you for any lost wages, and help to set things right.

However, pursuing these claims can be complicated because each claim comes with its different legal requirements, and a failure to prove these requirements may lead to an inability to collect payments. A Stamford personal injury lawyer could help you take the proper course of legal action, gather evidence, and protect your rights in court and any settlement talks. To get started on your claim, contact an attorney today.