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Prescription and over-the-counter medication impact the everyday lives of Stamford residents. These products could treat illnesses, prevent further complications, or assist in the healing process. Consumers take these drugs as directed, trusting that they are safe to use. Unfortunately, some drugs are inherently unsafe when they hit the market. A skilled injury attorney familiar with using aggressive tactics could help you seek compensation for injuries from a dangerous drug.

If you have sustained a medical injury due to a defective or dangerous drug, you have the right to pursue compensation. The source of that compensation could be the drug maker, the testing labs they used, or even your doctor. To pursue all of the parties responsible for your injury, call a Stamford dangerous drugs lawyer right away.

Types of Stamford Dangerous Drug Claims

When a Stamford dangerous drugs attorney reviews a claim for the first time, there are three types of claims they must consider. These claims include:

  • Defective manufacturing claims
  • Unexpected side effects
  • Defective marketing claims

Defective Manufacturing Claims

These claims involve an error during the design or manufacturing stage of production. It could include a formulation error early in the process, or some form of contamination during the manufacturing or shipping of the drug. A defect could also occur during transportation or even while in possession of a retailer.

Unexpected Side Effects

Most drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, have effects other than their primary medical purpose. Often, these side effects were little more than a distraction. In other cases, the side effect is potentially severe but rare. In some cases, however, a manufacturer never discovers a severe side effect tied to a drug. These side effects could potentially impact a subset of the population that was not adequately tested before the drug’s release. When a drug has a side effect that is unreasonably dangerous, a Stamford dangerous drugs attorney could pursue compensation for the medical injuries the side effect causes.

Defective Marketing Claims

The final type of claim involves defective marketing. The marketing of a drug involves its warning labels and written instructions. A plaintiff could have a viable claim against the manufacturer if a drug does not contain adequate warnings regarding side effects or other risks. Likewise, a claim could arise from instructions so confusing they render it impossible to take the drug as directed.

Sources of Compensation in a Dangerous Drugs Lawsuit

Most dangerous drug cases involve claims against pharmaceutical companies. However, other entities could face liability for a dangerous or defective drug. In many cases, there are multiple entities whose actions combine to cause a dangerous drug. When that occurs, a plaintiff is entitled to seek compensation from all of them. Some common defendants in a dangerous drugs lawsuit include

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Testing labs
  • Pharmacists
  • Retailers
  • Doctors

It is up to a Stamford dangerous drugs attorney to review the drug manufacturing process and identify any potential defendants for a victim’s claim.

Call a Stamford Dangerous Drugs Attorney Right Away

As a consumer, you deserve to receive and use the medication prescribed by your doctor without fear of medical injury. The unfortunate reality is that Stamford residents suffer medical injuries and unexpected side effects of dangerous drugs every year.

If you have sustained a medical injury due to a dangerous drug, you have the right to seek monetary compensation through a civil lawsuit. A Stamford dangerous drugs lawyer could help guide you through that process. Reach out today to a tough, credible, and legitimate attorney to schedule your initial evaluation.