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The traffic laws for motorcyclists in Stamford are designed to protect the riders of these dangerous vehicles. However, these laws cannot prevent another driver from acting recklessly behind the wheel. When irresponsible drivers choose to disregard the duty of care they owe others, the accidents that follow are regrettable and unfortunate. Victims should not have to deal with the recovery efforts of accidents caused by other people.

Fortunately, the law provides victims a means to recover compensation through the civil justice system. To start your recovery process, reach out to a tough, legitimate, and credible attorney today.

The Laws Regarding Motorcyclists

In Stamford, Connecticut, traffic laws apply the same to motorcycles as they do to motor vehicles.  Motorcyclists, however, are more exposed to the elements on a bike, and the potential consequences related to an accident on a motorcycle are more grave than to motor vehicles. Because of the potential for serious, life-altering consequences, traffic officers enforce infractions against motorcyclists in Stamford much more seriously and strictly than motor vehicles. Strict enforcement is used as a deterrent by law enforcement to prevent motorcycle accidents.

Certain types of special training are needed for a motorcycle driver in Stamford. To operate a motorcycle in Stamford, Connecticut one must have a special endorsement on their license to operate a motorcycle. That includes both a special written test and driving test to qualify for the endorsement to drive a motorcycle legally.

Are Motorcycle Driver Required to Wear Helmets in Stamford?

Motorcyclists are not required to wear helmets in Stamford, Connecticut. State law does recommend the use of a helmet, but it is not required as long as somebody has protective goggles on or eyeglasses. That is the only requirement to operate a motorcycle in Stamford, Connecticut.

Wearing a helmet could help protect riders in a motorcycle accident because these protective devices could be the difference between life or death in a serious motorcycle accident. Although not required, it is extremely advisable to wear a helmet, especially when driving on major highways. If someone does not want to wear a helmet on local roads, it is understandable, but when it comes to determining negligence, this could impact the degree of compensation issues by a jury verdict or settlement negotiation.

Traumatic Brain Injuries From Wrecks

Wearing a helmet could help protect riders in a motorcycle accident case in Stamford, Connecticut because it is protecting the most valuable organ riders have: their brain. Although not foolproof, motorcycle helmets could prevent serious injuries and could mean the difference between life or death. These accidents could result in someone who is a vegetable because of a traumatic brain injury or, even worse, death because of their head bouncing off of pavement.

Let an Attorney Explain the Traffic Laws for Motorcycles in Stamford

The traffic laws for motorcycles in Stamford are arguably enforced to a more strict degree than the laws for cars and trucks. This is not without good intentions, as motorcyclists are far more exposed than the average commuter. Despite these laws, there are times where an automobile driver’s oversight causes the harm that motorbike riders suffer and must endure. Fortunately, there are aggressive attorneys who have dealt with cases like yours before.

If you are interested in obtaining compensation for your motorcycle wreck, reach out to an attorney today to start your confidential consultation.