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Car accidents remain a common cause of personal injuries that can leave an individual’s life in chaos. Despite the fact that fewer and fewer people in Stamford own their own cars, they may still feel the effects of the negligence of taxi drivers and Uber drivers.

These drivers have the same duty to keep people safe as all other motorists. If they are at-fault for an accident that results in an injury, they must provide compensation. However, taxi drivers and Uber drivers enjoy very different protections under the law. Similarly, people who suffer injuries because of the poor choices of these drivers must be sure to follow the correct procedures to collect payment.

A Stamford Uber/taxi accident lawyer could help to pursue claims for damages. Legitimate, tough, and credible attorneys could work to explain the differences between these types of drivers in the eyes of the law and to help injured plaintiffs to demand appropriate compensation for their losses.

Similarities Between Uber and Taxi Negligence Cases

Every driver must take appropriate actions to prevent causing harm to others. This applies regardless of the type of vehicle that they are driving and whether they are an employee or an independent contractor. It follows that a driver who causes an accident by breaking a rule of the road or by being careless is personally responsible for all resulting losses.

Plaintiffs who suffer these injuries always bear the burden of proving that another party was responsible for the accident. This applies to situations where a plaintiff was driving their own car as well as when they were passengers in a taxi or an Uber. These plaintiffs must always remember that courts in Stamford evaluate the case using the concept of modified comparative negligence. According to Connecticut Statutes §52-572h, a court reduces an award by the percentage of blame that a plaintiff carries for the collision. If that percentage rises to 50 or more, that court would then dismiss the claim.

A Stamford taxi accident lawyer could help to prove that a defendant was the party liable for the accident. This applies to all claims that involve taxis, Ubers, or other vehicles.

Where Ubers and Taxis Differ in the Eyes of the Law

While a driver of a vehicle is always personally responsible for an accident, this driver is rarely the source of compensation. All drivers in Stamford must have some form of insurance that provides protection in case of an accident. However, how this affects accidents with taxis versus accidents with Ubers differs.

Taxi drivers are employees of taxi companies. As such, that company is jointly liable for any accident that occurs while the driver is on duty. A person who suffers injuries in a taxi accident, whether as a driver of their own vehicle or as a passenger, has the right to demand compensation from the taxi company. A Stamford taxi accident attorney could help to pursue these claims.

This dynamic does not apply to Uber accidents. Uber has fought to keep its drivers classified as independent contractors. This means that Uber is not directly liable for the actions of its drivers, nor does it need to provide insurance coverage. This leaves Uber drivers responsible for obtaining their own insurance policies, and claims for damages must demand payments through those policies. A Stamford Uber accident attorney could help to navigate these complex legal scenarios.

A Stamford Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney May be Able to Help

Every car accident is a serious matter that could result in life-changing injuries. This may involve a person being in their own car or a passenger in an Uber or a taxi. Plaintiffs in these cases must always prove that the other driver’s negligence was the source of the crash.

However, demanding proper compensation also means choosing a proper defendant. In the case of taxi accidents, this includes the driver as well as the taxi company. When the defendant is an Uber driver, this driver may be the only possible defendant in these claims. A Stamford Uber/Taxi accident lawyer could help to determine the legal status of the defendant driver, to measure a plaintiff’s losses, and to demand proper payments from all liable parties. Contact a Stamford Uber/taxi accident attorney today to learn more.