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About Michael E. Skiber

I began my professional career in the high stakes world of Wall Street where I worked in securities trading environments at some of the most prestigious international banks. Although I was successful, I was not fulfilled and decided I needed more. I self-funded my education to follow my real passion, law. The day I was notified I passed the Connecticut bar I immediately began The Law Office of Michael E. Skiber in Bridgeport as a criminal law firm, with just a phone and a desk. Most lawyers will begin their legal profession working for a large firm. However, I knew that the only way I could practice law was my own way and that was how I was going to make a difference. After I was granted a law license, I was also immediately appointed as a special public defender where I tried close to 20 felony jury trials in a seven-year period. I quickly earned a reputation as someone who did not back down and would fight to the end for my client’s rights, even at the cost of upsetting the status quo. However, my very first injury client changed my focus forever. The injured client came into my office as a referral. He was run over by a cleaning machine while working at a local supermarket, rendering him disabled. The supermarket denied liability and turned its back on him. Three years later, I settled this case for high six-figures.

Why I Am an Injury Lawyer

My first injury case helped me realize how important I was to that client and that I was now part of the client’s family. I also realized what it takes to be an injury attorney. You have to not only understand your client’s situation and work in their best interest, but you also have to put yourself in their shoes and fight for them as you would for your own family. That way, you are 100 percent invested in the client and their family’s success. I have taken that understanding and bring it to every one of my cases. My firm and I know what it takes, and we employ the same client-focused approach in every one of our cases. We work to make sure you receive the absolute best result possible.

Skiber Law Today

Today, Skiber Law has eight employees with a robust and diverse injury caseload throughout Connecticut. In the last two years alone, Skiber Law has secured in excess of $10m in verdicts and settlements. We have not stopped, and we will never stop fighting for our clients. That is why most of our clients are referrals from other lawyers and past clients. People ask us how we get so many cases and how we obtained so much success in such a short period of time. It is simple. We invest in our clients, your case is the most important case we have, without any compromise. When you talk to us for the first time you will see right away we are not just a law firm, we are new lifelong friends, counselors, your law firm for life. This means that, even after your case, if there is any legal question you have, we will not turn our backs on you. If there is something we can directly help you with, we will, or we will find you the help you need. That makes a difference in the legal profession that is often ruled solely by profit.REACH FOR THE SKIBER!
Bar Admissions
  • State of Connecticut
  • State of New York
  • United States District Court, District of Connecticut
  • Salisbury Univesity, Bachelor’s of Arts, Finance

  • Roger Williams University School of Law

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