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When you are facing tremendous pressure from medical expenses and other recovery costs, you need to consider exercising your civil right to hold negligent parties accountable for your injuries. If you were harmed because of another driver’s inability to yield, then you need to contact a failure to yield lawyer in Norwalk to start a legal claim. Successful claims can result in financial stability for you and your family, compensation you for your lost wages, and help you hold negligent parties accountable.

Legitimate lawyers stand ready to listen to your claim and can offer you the help you need. All you have to do is reach out to a lawyer who can then begin investigating your accident and drafting a case that can hold irresponsible parties responsible.

What Constitutes a Failure to Yield Accident in Norwalk

Connecticut General Statute Section 14-245 states that a failure to yield is when each driver that approaches an intersection at the same time should yield to the driver on the right and fails to do so. Essentially, drivers are required to grant the right of way at a four-way stop sign for anybody that is at a four-way stop sign to their right. This right of way rule also applies to any part of the road that contains a yield sign.

Common Features and Challenges to Failure to Yield Wrecks

Failure to yield or grant the right of way can be very complicated because it is more often than not a “he said, she said” situation. Oftentimes, there are no independent witnesses to corroborate one side over the other.

Some common fact patterns surrounding failure to yield accident scenarios are situations where people are simply running red lights or running stop signs and causing serious injuries to others.

Impacts of Liability

Liability can be impacted by an accident caused by failure to yield. While people may feel as though responsibility is a black and white issue, more often than not, it is a gray area where a lawyer has to use other factors to determine liability that are not readily apparent. Short of a deep investigation and analysis done by an experienced car accident lawyer, liability is often difficult to see as black and white.

Investigative Process for Norwalk Failure to Yield Accidents

When investigating a failure to yield accident in Norwalk, attorneys tend to rely on years of experience. They employe accident reconstructionists, investigators, and aggressive attorneys more often than not, produce positive results if the proper time, patience, and experience are used to sort out all of the discrepancies involved in a normal failure to yield cases.

Choose to Work with Credible and Tough Lawyers Today

If you are looking for compensation to address your growing medical bills and damaged property, you need to work with an attorney who can work towards a favorable outcome. We understand what you are going through during this hard time and are willing to help you. Reach out to a Norwalk failure to yield accident lawyer. Call today to schedule your confidential consultation.