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If your child was injured in a wreck that they did not cause, then you need to speak to a Norwalk teen driver car accident lawyer. Attorneys stand ready to use aggressive tactics to fight preconceived notions of guilt based on your young teen’s inexperience behind the wheel. Speak to an attorney today.

Requirements for Young Drivers in Norwalk

In Norwalk, a person must be 16 years old to take driver’s education classes. A person must have a learner’s permit up to the age of 17 in order to take a driving test for a full vested license. They need to complete 40 hours behind the wheel training and complete both a written and a driving test. After meeting those requirements, a person may apply for a driver’s license and is then granted driving privileges.

Commonalities of Accidents Involving Teens

Common fact patterns associated with teen driving accidents include cases where the teen driver is not equipped to handle the road. This often occurs with cellphone use or distracted driving while other teens are in the car. Some of the risks associated with teen driving include distracted and inexperienced driving.

Teens are more likely to be involved in car accidents than other drivers because they are new to driving and they are more likely to create uncertainty that results in dangerous and sometimes catastrophic consequences.

How Parents Should Prepare Their Children

It is important for parents to talk to their teens in preparation for a car accident. Parents should tell their teens first and foremost to prepare for an accident by always wearing a safety belt. Second, to drive at or below the speed limit, and third, to yield to oncoming traffic. If there is an accident, parents should instruct their teens to remain calm at all times and always call the police.

Parents could help prevent their teens from becoming involved in a car accident by imparting knowledge and advising to the new driver which could help prevent them from making mistakes that are completely avoidable, such as those accidents involving distracted driving using cellphones, speeding, and driving in very heavy traffic at high rates of speed.

How Car Accidents Change When Minors Are Involved

In a car accident involving someone under the age of 18, it is assumed that an 18-year-old is probably at fault because of the lack of experience. It is the job of an experienced car accident lawyer to show and to highlight that someone under the age of 18 does not have full capacity to understand the rules of the road and therefore, must be responsible for the accident. For victims of teen drivers in Norwalk, a car accident lawyer could help them recover the losses they have experienced because of a novice driver.

Determining the Right Lawyer for a Teen Driving Car Accident in Norwalk

When looking for a car accident lawyer for a teen driver, families must look to find a car accident lawyer in Norwalk with teen driver case experience because of the fact that it is assumed that those under the age of 18 are responsible for the accident. It is the job of an experienced car accident lawyer to make sure all the bases are covered and that perception is not used to blame the victim who happens to be under the age of 18.

Speak to a Norwalk Car Wreck Attorney with Teen Driver Accident Case Experience

No young driver should have to suffer because of another person’s mistake. However, the law and responding officers typically assume that the fault of car wrecks involving young drivers belongs wholly to the inexperienced motorist. This is not a fair assumption and almost always fails to take into account the whole of the accident. If you wish the advocate for your teen driver, a Norwalk car accident attorney could help you do just that. Speak to a credible, tough, and legitimate attorney today to start your confidential consultation.