A dog attack could result in agonizing injuries that require medical treatment and rehabilitation, which creates a pile of medical bills and a possible inability to return to work. This can leave the victim of the attack feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

However, in many cases, a pet owner is legally responsible for allowing these incidents to occur. Therefore, if you were injured after being bitten or otherwise attacked by a dog, you have legal options and might benefit from reaching out to a Norwalk dog bite lawyer for assistance. A skilled personal injury attorney could assess the facts of your case and determine if you have a valid claim. If so, a legal professional could then work tirelessly to request compensation on your behalf.

The Duty of Pet Owners

Cases involving dog attacks are subject to a number of legal nuances that may affect the outcome. These include strict liability and Connecticut’s specific dog bite statute, which could be explained in depth by a knowledgeable lawyer.

The main difference between negligence and strict liability is the issue of duty and a breach of duty. When a plaintiff files a negligence claim, they must prove that the defendant breached their duty of care by acting negligently, and that this breach caused their injuries.

Strict liability, on the other hand, removes the need to demonstrate a breach of duty, and instead only requires that a plaintiff show that the defendant committed a strict liability offense, which caused their injuries. Connecticut has enacted a dog bite statute under General Statutes of Connecticut §22-357. Violating this statute is a strict liability offense, which means an injured claimant might be able to hold a dog owner liable by utilizing this statute.

Filing a Lawsuit for a Dog Attack in Norwalk

One of the first steps to take when filing a dog bite injury claim is to determine the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations gives plaintiffs a certain amount of time to file legal claim action.

Dog bites, which fall under personal injury, must be filed within two years of the date of injury, pursuant to General Statutes of Connecticut §52-584.

If no settlement could be reached between the parties prior to litigation, a dedicated Connecticut lawyer could take a dog bite case to trial.

Contact a Norwalk Dog Bite Attorney for Legal Assistance

Recovering from a severe dog attack could result in extensive medical bills and lost wages due to missed time at work. When a careless or reckless pet owner is responsible for these losses, you should not have to pay for them alone.

Instead, you could pursue a legal claim to request compensation with the help of a Norwalk dog bite lawyer. Taking on a case alone could be frustrating and difficult, especially as you recover from your trauma. A tenacious and compassionate attorney could shoulder the weight of a legal claim and work to help you reach a favorable outcome. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your legal options.