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When an insurance adjuster denies a claim for health insurance following a Norwalk motorcycle accident, you may feel powerless and confused as to what could be done to aid your recovery. With the help of tough, legitimate, and credible attorneys, you could fight a denial of claims and hold responsible parties accountable for your injuries. Reach out to an attorney today for the help you need.

How Important is Health Insurance for a Motorcycle Accident?

Health insurance is extremely important to be prepared to respond to the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. Having health insurance after a motorcycle accident makes it much easier to address the emergency medical issues that arise after a motorcycle accident. Access to health care is much easier when one has health insurance as opposed to being uninsured. Although it should not happen this way, people with health insurance are treated much better than those without.

In Norwalk, if a person does not have health insurance and is injured in a motorcycle accident, they are still entitled to health care through a letter of protection. A letter of protection could be given to a doctor if someone is not insured.

Wrecks Involving Uninsured Drivers

If somebody is involved in a crash with an uninsured driver, do not fear, victims could use their uninsured or underinsured driver policy. Everyone who has health insurance is able to use a portion of their own insurance, called an uninsured, underinsured motorist clause, to compensate them in the same manner as if they were responsible for the accident. Those who drive without insurance are extremely reckless and it is unfair to people with insurance who are not at-fault not to be able to be compensated. The uninsured, underinsured motorist clause of an insurance policy could help to combat the problem of those who drive without insurance and cause accidents. Health insurance for Norwalk motorcycle accidents cannot be undervalued in these instances alone.

Financing Medical Care

In Norwalk, a person might finance medical treatment following an accident by working out payment plans with the different medical providers. Hospitals have departments just for paying back medical expenses. The other way to finance medical expenses is to find doctors that work off a letter of protection. A letter of protection is a lien signed by the attorney that promises to pay the doctor following a successful settlement or verdict in an injury case. An experienced injury lawyer likely has a number of different options to provide victims as far as medical care is concerned when these people are injured but do not have money or health insurance to pay on the spot.

Factors that Limit Recovery

A person’s health insurance coverage or paid sick leave from work could limit the recovery for their motorcycle accident in Norwalk. Health insurance may, in some instances, require reimbursement to the insurance company for those medical benefits that were paid as a result of the accident. There are also long-term and short-term disability policies that are offered through someone’s job that may require reimbursement for those short-term benefits that were paid by the respective insurance company.

Missed days and lapses in coverage could factor into a Norwalk motorcycle injury claim. Workdays that impact a motorcycle accident case is something that an experienced motorcycle accident attorney would be able to articulate properly and that the lost workdays should be compensated not only for the lost wages, but for missed work. Because victims are at times much more seriously injured, the value of the case is much more substantial. It is vital to point those things out to the insurance adjuster to maximize the recovery and the justice that is received for alleged victims of motorcycle accidents.

Reimbursing Companies for Medical Insurance

In Norwalk, there is a number of different circumstances in which health insurance companies would require accident victims to reimburse them for paid medical expenses. Reimbursement of medical payments occurs if there is a statutory right for reimbursement. Any settlement would be reduced by the amount that is paid or needs to be paid back for that reimbursement. This is oftentimes seen when someone has state medical insurance.

This also occurs when health care is through the ERISA plan. ERISA is a federal statute that requires reimbursement of medical bills paid by the plan administrator. It is different from regular medical insurance in that it is completely self-funded. Being completely self-funded, ERISA plan reimbursement is required under federal laws of those medical benefits that were paid in connection to an accident.

A Denial of Benefits

If an insurance company tries to deny benefits, victims could immediately contact their healthcare provider and file a complaint with the medical company regarding the rejection of the claim. They could also contact the State Department of Health and launch a similar complaint to demand coverage.

Who to Contact First

A person should not wait to see what the insurance company offers before contacting a lawyer in Norwalk. They should never try to get a first offer from an insurance company before contacting an attorney because setting the wrong course of action in regard to overall settlement could be irreversible. It is important that an attorney is contacted right away so that the insurance company understands that they are seeking top dollar for victims.

A non-represented party to an insurance company sets the wrong tone and sometimes makes it impossible to get the authority that’s necessary to maximize the value of the claim.

Learn More About Health Insurance for Norwalk Motorcycle Wrecks

For people hurt in a Norwalk motorcycle accident, health insurance provides a means of recovery. However, this route of recovery is often impeded by insurance adjusters, denials of claims, and a lack of know-how when it comes to the legal system. To avoid these pitfalls, injured drivers should turn to a team of attorneys that use aggressive tactics to help victims like yourself recover.