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If you were harmed in an accident involving a Vespa or motor scooter, the laws in Norwalk provide you a means to recover compensation for your undeserved injuries. To better your chances of a favorable courtroom outcome, speak to an attorney who uses aggressive tactics to help victims recover today.

Laws for Motor Scooters

Norwalk laws for Vespas and motor scooters apply in the same way as they do to cars. They are not required to wear a helmet much the same as a motorcycle, but they are expected to obey the rules of the road.

Some of the distinct motor scooter laws that are different from or on top of the regular traffic laws pertain to registration. For a two or three-wheel motor vehicle that does not have a driver seat enclosed or designed to be enclosed and that produces more than two-break horsepower, it must be registered as a motorcycle. People may be asked to present proof of their motorcycle’s horsepower. If not, it is not apparent for the certificate of origin of other registration documents. They must obtain an M-endorsement, a new driver’s license to operate a motorcycle and those motor scooters that exceed the two-brake horsepower that qualifies for a motorcycle registration.

Consequences for Smaller Motorbikes

The potential consequences associated with motor scooters differ from those associated with motorcycles in Norwalk because the accidents are more serious. Motorcycles are more dangerous because of the high speeds and the congested roadways and highways that they travel. In contrast, motor scooters are normally driven on local roads in which the speed limit is much less than on a major highway.

The most common injuries that arise from motor scooter accidents are broken bones, legs, and arms, as well as brain injuries.

What About Motor Scooters Make Them Potentially Dangerous?

Because people do not have as much of a legal responsibility while on motor scooters, people are more prone to drive motor scooters in a reckless fashion without regard for the rules of the road. Also, because motor scooters are even smaller in stature than motorcycles, they have the tendency to be overlooked by motor vehicles to prevent collisions that could result in serious physical injuries.

Insurance Requirements

In Norwalk, there are insurance requirements surrounding motor scooters. If the scooter has at least a 50cc engine, it must be registered and display a license plate in Connecticut. Scooters with 49cc motors are considered mopeds and do not need to be registered. They still need the driver’s license to operate them.

Victims of accidents involving a Vespa or motor scooter in Norwalk could still recover compensation. The types of claims a person could pursue after they are injured while driving a motor scooter in Norwalk are the same damages that could be pursued in any other motor vehicle accident case.

How Attorneys Address These Claims

In accordance with Norwalk law, a Vespa or motor scooter accident attorney might deal with a motor scooter accident differently than they would a motorcycle accident because there might be subtle differences in relation to motor scooter accidents. Because of the perception that motor scooters are not real motor vehicles, they are considered to be menaces. An experienced accident lawyer familiar with motor scooter laws in Norwalk would not allow the diminution of the seriousness of an accident just because the accident occurred on a motor scooter.

Altering Defense Strategies

The defense strategy could be altered, because the defense would look for the low-hanging fruit, meaning that they would blame the motor scooter for the accident because they are not required to be insured or registered. The defense would try to minimize the seriousness of the accident, even though it does not matter the shape or size of the vehicle. An accident is an accident. The seriousness of an accident is not differentiated based upon the type of vessel that the plaintiff was on when they suffered their damages.

Talk to an Attorney About Vespa and Scooter Accident Laws in Norwalk

People who drive recklessly tend to disregard the laws, but especially laws for Vespas and motor scooters. Norwalk accidents involving those types of vehicles are rarely anything but catastrophic. If you have been injured and require legal help to obtain the compensation you need, then you should speak to a tough, credible, and legitimate attorney today.